Morning guys. We need your help. Badly.

This morning all of our adverts vanished off the site. After looking into it I’ve found that it’s because of our switch to a fully secure URL. We put a redirect from the old http:// pages to the https:// equivalents, however what we… well, what I didn’t do, was to submit the https:// version of the site to Google.

Today, when I saw the drop in referrals from Google and the lack of adverts, I checked our Google Search Console and saw this…

Our traffic has nosedived because the links showing on Google were to and they all now had 301 Permanent Redirects set. A very important line in the Google help pages says this…

This is something I didn’t do when I switched us across to the https:// pages, and it’s killed our search traffic. It’s totally my fault and I’m currently paying as much a I can. However, with no Google search traffic, we get no advertisers, and with no advertisers we can’t pay the bills.

The cost of the site and the upcoming hosting bill is looming. Despite me recently switching to a cheaper server, we have a massive hole in our budget, and this is where I desperately need your help.

Please, if you can spare a bit of cash, could you donate some cash to keep us running? If you can, I want to thank you hugely and the PayPal button is below..

I’ve now submitted the https:// version of the site, but this is going to take some time to pick up and be indexed by Google. It is, sadly, Google who hold all the power here. They supply our adverts and the also supply the traffic from search search engine to us, so I really appreciate all your help with this.