“Crowd-sourced” 2-in-1 named with specs – Eve V

Crowd sourced 2 in 1 named with specs   Eve V

Some of you may recall I wrote an article earlier in the year about a company called Eve-Tech. They were going down a different route with the design of a laptop / 2 in 1 device. Now they have crowd-sourced the whole design process.

It is the community of users that really sets this device apart from all the other 2 in 1’s. The CEO and design team from Eve-Tech have been working with the community members in order to fettle and fine tune this device to be the very best in the category. An example of this is the thread of over 750 replies called “Suggest a Feature 2.0” in which users were invited to suggest the features that they wanted most. I mean you won’t find any other company doing that, especially in the computer market.

This product was codenamed the Pyramid Flipper but that has now all changed as the official name is now out there. It will be called the Eve V.

This name has been deliberated upon by the community users for a few months and finally they have reached the point where it can be named. Along with the name, there have been some other developments to have come from the community. We can see that the specs for the device are near to being final. The form factor has also been nailed down to being a 2 in 1. This will put it directly in competition with the Surface Pro 4, and word on the street is that the Eve V will be cheaper than its competitor. Alongside that, the Surface Pro 4 maker has sat up and taken notice of this small Finish company to the point where there has been some investment from the megacorp.

What are the Specs

The device is going to sport a 12.3″ display with rumoured resolution of 2k. The device was originally intended to be super skinny but the community at Eve have made their voice’s heard and due to this the device will be a bit thicker. This, in turn, will allow more space for ports so it will have more connectivity than competitors. At least one of these ports will be a USB Type C with Thunderbolt support.

Why this is important is that Eve-Tech has got the idea (these are early plans) of a potential External GPU allowing you to play AAA type games on the system, like the Razer Blade Stealth add-on, the Razer Core. There is also potential to use the system as a platform for VR with this in place. Again this was a feature that was requested by the community.

Crowd sourced 2 in 1 named with specs   Eve V

Around the back, we will find an integrated kickstand which will have at least 2 positions that we know of right now. Back around the front to the screen which will be coated in Gorilla Glass and will also work with a pen plus support for the Windows Inking available in Windows 10.

That is about all I have at the moment as the rest of the specs have not been made public yet.

The device will be going live on Indiegogo in the very near future and they promise to shake up the market massively. So if you are in the market for a new computer and are sick being let down by the false promises given by other manufacturers, then the Eve V could be worth a peek. I for one will be watching them very closely.

All the information about this product can now be found here go check it out. The Indiegogo campaign starts on the 21st November.