The hidden iPhone 7 3.5mm audio port – How to find it

The hidden iPhone 7 3.5mm audio port   How to find it

It’s now time for another article about someone doing something stupid to a brand new iPhone 7. They’re hoping that they’ll get enough YouTube clicks so that they can get enough revenue to replace the phone that they’re just about to break.

I know… this whole internet thing is weird isn’t it?

Today it’s the hidden audio port, which this person reckons is still in the exact same place it was on the iPhone 6s. They take a drill to the iPhone 7, pop some headphones in and – boom! It works..

Of course, this is all complete nonsense, and after reading the many video comments underneath which seem to be from people who’ve wrecked their phones trying it, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Common sense is a very rare thing nowadays.

Just to reiterate, there is no 3.5mm audio port in the iPhone 7, no matter how much drilling you do.

So, if I can pretend to be one of those safety signs or warning messages for a moment, DO NOT DO THIS. YOU WILL MASH UP YOUR PHONE.


The hidden iPhone 7 3.5mm audio port   How to find it

OK, now that I’ve thrown abuse at you lot, I’ll tell you how you can get a 3.5mm audio port without drilling into the phone and without plugging in any unsightly adapters. All you need is a Bluetooth-to-3.5mm gadget like the DMZmusic gadget we reviewed earlier. There’s lots of similar dongles on the market, and you simply pair the device with your iPhone 7 and then plug in your favourite 3.5mm-packing headphones. It’s easy and it’s a whole lot cheaper than destroying your extremely expensive iPhone with a ruddy great drill.

Oh, and it makes your headphones “wireless” in a way too.