Crank it. LG signs up Jason Statham

Crank it. LG signs up Jason Statham

Here’s a British actor with a stack of style and panache. He looks a lot like me too, which is good. Anyhow, I like a lot of his films, including the “Transporter” series. The first one was probably the best, but by “Transporter 3” we were in a world of insanity, where he seemed to have a lot of America trucks driving around “Europe” and started making phone calls underwater. What was that all about? And don’t talk to me about those “Crank” films… insane.

LG have signed him up to pimp the new G5, and you’ll see him appearing in TV ads very soon. After pocketing a substantial amount of cash in the deal, Jason happily stated…

I think the concept that LG is putting forward with the G5 and its modular design is going to catch on with consumers. I enjoyed partnering with LG and working on this commercial, so I hope that shows through in the final piece.

OK, I’m only messing. The phone is really good. We took a look at it in Barcelona here.

Head to the LG Facebook page to see the full video or just watch it below (this is the Korean version because it’s only 7.50AM here in the UK and this appears to be the only version online as yet, plus we’ve not had any breakfast)..

I’m not sure what the take-away is from that. Perhaps, by switching and swapping the modules on my LG G5, I can save / attack people randomly .. or something..