MWC – LG G5 and all the toys – Hands on

MWC   LG G5 and all the toys   Hands on
The concept of this is really rather interesting, and it was pretty freeing to be able to take the LG G5 apart. That slide-out battery, which we initially saw yesterday, slides out from the G5 and then actually detaches from the bottom part too.

Let’s get to the good stuff and dive into a hands-on demo of the phone itself…

Those familiar rear volume buttons have gone, moving to the right side of the phone. The power button is still at the back, but it’ll scan your fingerprint now and unlock the screen in one go. You can still do the double-tap to wake too. Overall, the G5 has become a lot more curvy and has a more polished and premium appearance this time.

The LG CAM Plus module is particularly interesting and, although it makes your G5 look ugly, there’s physical buttons for the zoom, power and the shutter – which only clicks when you fully press down fully on the button. It’ll focus when you “soft press”. To be honest, if you’re going out with your family for the day or you’re heading to an event, the battery on your phone will always give up, so it’s good to see a fatter battery supplying an additional 1200mAh of juice.

MWC   LG G5 and all the toys   Hands on

For the audiophiles, the B&O PLAY will slot in and supply top-quality tunes, upsampling audio, delivering 32-bit 384KHz high-definition audio and adding a bit of a chin onto the G5.

Here’s a look at how these additional gadgets attach and detach from the LG G5..

The G5 has the always-on display and two camera lenses around the back, which you can see in this demo below. One is a 78-degree lens and another with a 135-degree wide angle lens. Put them together or just use the wide-angle one and you get a range of effects.

Over towards the back, the LG Rolling Bot. Now, here I was told that the battery life in the 5000mAh unit is around an hour and a half, which didn’t seem like a lot, and you need to actually plug the thing in instead of perhaps just rolling it onto a charging pad for wireless charging.

However, it was brilliant to use. There’s a “Pet” button that you press on the phone, which controls that gadget from anywhere, and frickin’ lasers come out of it to send your cat mental.

Oh, here’s the laser. 🙂

Watch and control it from anywhere, plus you can talk to your pet or people in your house via the speaker that’s built in. Specs include 512MB of memory and 16GB of storage, which can be increased up to 64GB.

Next up we took a look at the LG 360 CAM – a camera that can generate a 360 degree view of the world around it. The Bluetooth connection between the 360 VR and the LG G5 in our demo was playing up (there was quite a number of other devices in the surrounding area), but you can get the shots stitched up using the G5 and displayed that way or via the very lightweight and foldable LG 360 VR.