Virtual Reality – Enter the teleporter

There’s an element of bloat to this particular solution at the moment, but in years to come I can imagine that the multiple 3D cameras that are needed might well shrink. Perhaps those 360 VR cameras would do the job ?

Virtual Reality   Enter the teleporter

Each one of the cameras captures an image of the person from a different viewpoint, then they’re fused together. If you’ve got Microsoft HoloLens then this image can get sent over the internet and, when you and the person on the other end both have a Hololens headset, you’re effectively in the same room – no matter where you are.

This virtual reality thing is becoming fascinating. Instead of just a few games and some 3D cityscapes, there’s now proper interaction on horizon, and a useful way to let you see and interact with people in full 3D remotely. It makes it natural and gives you the chance to be at home or at work, even if you’re not.

Have a look at the footage below and, in particular, the footage that can be seen on the lower left of the video as seen through the Hololens.

Check out that miniaturization too! Where have we seen that before eh?

Get more details on “Holoportation” on the Microsoft website.