Moto X Force – Dropped from a drone

Moto X Force   Dropped from a drone
Sure, our Moto X Force review was pretty comprehensive, but the one thing we didn’t do was… drop it 900 feet from a drone.

Yes, the phone does have a shatterproof screen, but surely it wouldn’t be able to survive that, would it? Plus, even if it did, the chassis would be busted or dented in some way. Well, the results are below and, although the casing did get a little damage, the screen and the phone as a whole survived and was completely usable even after the severe drop-test..

You’ll notice here that it’s known as a Droid Turbo 2. This is the Verizon model, and the Moto X Force is essentially the international version.

Update – As we’ve seen in the comments, 900 feet is actually violating the height restrictions for flying a drone. In the UK it seems that 400 feet is the maximum permitted height and in the US 500 feet is the highest, so they shouldn’t have actually done this.