Mobile World Congress 2016 from Coolsmartphone

Hello again. You may remember that we recently asked for your help to get to Mobile World Congress. Usually, when we head over to Barcelona, we’ll have a sponsor or two helping us out, but this year we had a number of problems which basically meant that we relied on your contributions.
Mobile World Congress 2016 from Coolsmartphone

A lot of people have asked me on Twitter (my personal account is here) how things are going because, well, things start on Sunday.

Two bits of news for you then. Firstly, I want to say a massive thank-you to you guys. I mean, an absolutely MASSIVE thank-you. I was going through the donations last night and one person plonked nearly £100 into the pot alone. That’s just insane and yet greatly appreciated at the same time. No matter how big or how small the contribution, I’ll be putting every email address into a hat after we’ve sorted out a prize pot. This will be within the next few weeks.

Secondly, we are slightly short of our target, but I’ve decided to add in the difference and can confirm that yes – we are heading for Barcelona! On Sunday we’ll kick off proceedings, with all the latest from the Samsung and LG event, plus everything in between. There’s likely to be a number of announcements and interesting developments, so keep an eye on our Twitter feed for everything as it happens.

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