Hey. We need you.

I absolutely hate doing this, but we’re left with pretty much no choice. You may remember the problems we had getting to Mobile World Congress. Our advertising revenue will pay for the flights and it would’ve paid for accommodation, but due to this being pulled at the last moment we’re looking at inflated accommodation costs.

Hey. We need you.

We asked the many companies that approach us daily for help and, sadly, nobody could help at such short notice.

So now, we’re asking you guys for help. Again, I absolutely HATE doing this and, at such short notice, I don’t actually have anything to give you in return just yet, but if you do chip in, I’ll record the email address of each and every one of you and put it into a prize draw to be held in March. By then, if we can get out to Barcelona and have a chat with a few people we’ll be able to get a big prize pot for those of you who are mad and lovely enough to contribute.

I’ll be removing this donate button when / if we hit our goal, and I want to thank you all in advance for helping us out. It really means a lot. We’ll make sure that our Mobile World Coverage is off the chart, for you.

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