Samsung Galaxy S7 – Supposed leaked image surfaces

Ahead of the launch event on February 21st there’s rumours about what the next Samsung Galaxy S7 will look like. 
Samsung Galaxy S7   Supposed leaked image surfaces

This could be anything really, but the plastic curved back doesn’t really light our candle – especially when Samsung went all “premium” with the S6 construction. Either way, it’s an apparent shot of the S7 with a slightly-more-flush camera assembly and curves on either side of the device.

All this should be taken with the usual spoonful of salt, as design changes and test models will be floating about before the final handset appears.

Where was this picture taken anyways? What’s that in the background? Some pineapple? And isn’t that a shopping basket on the floor? Is this some grubby supermarket? But wait… There appears to be office chairs there too. What’s going on? Office chairs, pineapple and a shopping basket?! Weird as.

We’ll be bringing you all the latest news from Mobile World Congress as usual, so don’t forget to tune in for the utter madness in a couple of weeks from now.