HTC One A9 adverts start, and they’re quite good actually.

You’ve read the HTC One A9 review we posted last week and now HTC are cranking up the advertising machine for their shiny, skinny handset. Gone are those … ermm… “interesting” Robert Downey Jr adverts and now we’ve got something very different indeed.

Here’s the ad, and see if you can spot the rather cheeky dig at Apple…

Yes, HTC are keen to ensure that you appear “different” with this advert, which actually makes quite good watching. The commercial shows many identical dummies sitting at a table when the A9 user comes along, jumps on the table and kicks the flip out of the huge stack of Apples… sorry, apples displayed in the very centre.

It all then turns into a free-running escapist-type situation where others join the mighty HTC One A9 man and become “Brilliant”.

If I’m honest, fair play to HTC. I’d rather have a company coming out with some guts and pushing their product hard like this.