BLOCKS Modular Smartwatch – Kick-starting Soon!

Remember the smartwatch we covered some time ago where you build your own customisable watch? Each “link” in the strap contains a module for example GPS, Heartbeat monitor and so on. You upgrade your watch, whenever new modules become available.
BLOCKS Modular Smartwatch   Kick starting Soon!
Well things have gone into over-drive yesterday when they announced their a new campaign starting on October 13th…

The excerpt from their Thunderclap page states…

We’re all different. We do different things. We wear different clothes.

So why do we all have the same devices? From smartphones to wearables, tech companies sell devices that are supposedly right for ‘everyone’ – but are not necessarily right for you.

We are BLOCKS. We don’t believe in compromise. And that’s what you get a lot from technology these days. Compromise.

That’s why we are creating the world’s first modular smartwatch. It’s truly bespoke to the one person that matters most: You.

We exist because none of us are satisfied by compromise. And we know that there are millions more like us out there. Because no-one should be satisfied with off-the-shelf devices anymore.

If you want to learn more about this, have a read of our article from last year or head to their website –

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