YotaPhone 3 on the horizon

YotaPhone 3 on the horizon

The dual-sided YotaPhone series made a big splash at MWC, but it wasn’t picked up by the major networks over in Blighty. However, we quite liked it all in all, so when news of the YotaPhone 3 leaked, colour us excited.

The e-ink screen is a great idea for those of us who do a lot of reading on our phones, whether it’s in bed and reading the latest kindle purchase or catching up on news via Flipboard or techsites, and it doesn’t take a second to flip the phone over for multicoloured smartphone usage. Sure there were issues with the YotaPhone 2, not least that the price for the hardware is about the same as a flagship phone, so you’d really want to use that e-ink screen to shell out that kind of cash.

However if the rumours are to be believed (and why wouldn’t we), then the YotaPhone 3 will resolve a lot of the issues from the previous generation, not least a faster processor and more RAM, which to date has never been a bad thing. Add to that, Matthew G. Kelly, Managing Director of the Americas also announced it would ship with a better e-ink screen (begone laggy refresh rates), a better camera and a thinner design.

I still don’t know how to put a case or a bumper on it, but I’ll be the first to admit that it’s a problem that I really want to have.

When the YotaPhone ships is anyone’s guess. As with all new companies, you’re only as good as your last product, and if that isn’t getting picked up then it’s hard to be competitive or even stay afloat.

“We have a next-generation product lined up,” Kelly reported in an interview with TechnoBuffalo. “We can’t sell our next generation until we sell our current one. Carriers are interested, but a lot hinges on how well the YotaPhone 2 does.”

In case you’ve forgotten the YotaPhone, which reminds me of the spiritual successor to the Moto PEBL and looks as if it the handset will sit perfectly in the palm of your hand, the YotaPhone 2 can be viewed here.


Source: Technobuffalo.