Vodafone launch notspot squashing campaign

Hey. Are you living in the middle of no-where? Have you got a choppy signal or, even worse, no signal at all?

Vodafone want to talk to you. They’re looking for mobile “notspots” and are giving the opportunity for 100 rural communities to get piped up to proper mobile coverage.

The network is spending more than £1 billion on improving their services and infrastructure, and they’re asking communities to work together to apply for the installation of the new “Open Sure Signal” tech. This will deliver 3G connectivity to areas that are sadly lacking in mobile signal.

Vodafone launch notspot squashing campaign

A trial on 12 rural communities has already proved successful in areas where planning permission and the geography of the area makes coverage tricky. The smaller Open Sure Signal masts are tiny compared to their normal mast-mounted counterparts, and help plug the mobile blackspots that many of us encounter in smaller villages and hamlets. These are basically larger versions of the standard Sure Signal device that we reviewed earlier.

Here’s a video detailing the programme. If you want to get involved, get more detail here.