Oppo’s bezel free device leaked.

Oppos bezel free device leaked.

Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Oppo looks set to release a handset with  jaw dropping bezel free display. The new smartphone has been anonymously leaked online, flaunting almost no bezels on either side of the screen and Running Oppo’s own operating system ColorOS.

The only other handset without a curve that looks like this is the Sharp Aquos Crystal, which I wrote about hereUnlike Sharp, Oppo will probably make this available internationally as it does with its various handsets though OppoStyle (fingers well and truly crossed).

While this is an anonymous leak, it does appear to be a real device. There are also several online videos showing the leaked handset in use, it appears to run smoothly and has a slim design and it appears to have metal edging, but of course that could just be a metal effect plastic. Would you like a device like this without a bezel? No doubt Oppo will have to do something with the edge of the display to not recognise fake finger input.

 Via Engadget