MWC – Lenovo new tablet range demo and hands on

Lenovo have been busy at MWC 2015 and have launched the updates to their mid-tier Android Tablet range and a new Windows 8.1 entry-level tablet.

I have already covered the tablets in a previous article here so we will just dive straight in with the video demo of the devices.

I think it fair to say that it is a pretty nice range of tablets there. I especially like the fact that the Tab2 A8, which is the upgraded version of the Tab S8 I reviewed last year, has actually addressed the few issues I had with that product. My number one and primary issue was the custom UI overlay, which meant you had no access to the app drawer. This could be circumvented by using a launcher, but that is a poor alternative, and beyond the launcher you still had the custom overlay.

Good news everybody this overlay has now gone on the Tab 2 A8 and, in its place, is stock Android Lollipop. I can also confirm that this will be coming to the Tab2 A10 as well in June.

Here are some more pics of the Tab2 A8..

And of the Tab2 A10..

The Miix 300 is a really well built inexpensive Windows 8.1 tablet with Bing. I was pleased to see that, at least for the screen, they have followed the same design Language as they use on the Tab2 A8. This makes it look really elegant. Around the back is a brushed metal finish which feels really nice in the hand and provides a decent level of grip.

The Miix 3000..

All in all some really nice tablets coming our way from Lenovo very soon.