LG VR for G3 brings 3D 2U for free

LG VR for G3 brings 3D 2U for free
A short while ago I put together my ultra-cheap Google Cardboard headset. It’s something you construct yourself, pop on your head and then, using the Google app, you can step into a 3D world. Now, if you’ve got an LG G3 handset, you’ll be getting one free.

It’s known here as the “LG VR for G3” and is based on the original Google Cardboard designs. Whether every owner everywhere in the world gets one, we’re not so sure. However, they have modified it to work with the rear keys on the G3 and it’ll be rolling out this month in “selected markets” with a free VR game called “Robobliteration”.

For everyone else, you can buy one of these for really not that much at all.

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