Example footage from the new HTC RE camera

Example footage from the new HTC RE camera
Yes, the new pipe camera that HTC launched just the other day doesn’t have an in-built viewfinder. Although you can use your phone as a viewfinder and although it has a 146 degree wide-angle lens, some are questioning just how accurate the “point and hope” shooting will actually be.

Well, luckily a select few people have got hold of the RE camera and my old mate Arne Hess (anyone remember The Unwired?) is one of those people. So, after I promised yet again to repay the pint I owe him, he sent across this example video..


Costing £169.99, it’s new way to use a camera. You could attach it to your bike and get some funky angles, you could stick it behind a goal and get that perfect action shot. Arne tells us that the videos and photos are very decent and it’s not “just another average camera”. It’s a way to augment your current smartphone camera, but whether HTC can convince you to pay £169.99 for another camera to carry around is another matter.

The HTC RE also does time-lapse footage..

I’d love your thoughts on this. Do you plan on getting one? What would you use it for?