All-new HTC Zoe app now available to download

The beta version of the HTC Zoe app received a “mixed” reception (we’re being kind here) and became available for all Android devices a couple of months ago. Last night HTC announced a new improved version, which has just popped up on Google Play. It’s coming to iOS soon too, so you’ll be able to create those cool video montages easily on whatever phone you have (provided it’s not a Windows phone sadly).

The new Zoe “collaborative video-editing” lets you mix videos and pictures into a funky video that’ll capture your day. I’ve been a big fan of the Zoe system (you can probably tell in my HTC One M8 review) and you can easily add themes and musical accompaniment.

The new Zoe 1.0 lets you choose between short, medium and long “Zoes”. No need to port all your content to a PC editing suite – just do it all on your phone and share it with your social networks.

Download it here for free. The iOS version will be available later in the year.

All new HTC Zoe app now available to download