HTC Desire EYE exclusive in the UK to Three

HTC are just announcing all the details of their new products over in New York, the HTC Desire EYE is one interesting device with dual 13 megapixel cameras.

We have now heard that in the UK this will be exclusive to Three. It will be launched in the red/white combination, which looks rather nice.
HTC Desire EYE exclusive in the UK to Three

Sylvia Chind, head of devices at Three, tells us..

We are delighted that Three is the exclusive operator partner for the HTC Desire Eye in the UK. The new Re camera opens up a new world of creative opportunity and by utilising the many editing and upload features, our customers can share their videos and photos effortlessly across our reliable network.

The main details we have right now are both front and back cameras are 13 megapixels and both have dual LED flash built in for great photos in low lighting, however you can get full details on this device in our full HTC Desire EYE report.

It’s slightly confusing, but Carphone Warehouse have also announced that they’ll carry the Desire EYE. We assume this’ll be the unlocked version (you can buy the EYE from HTC direct too) with the costs offset against a plan from one of the networks Carphone Warehouse offer.

Press release below. Three will also be picking up the HTC RE camera.