Has the Lumia 930 had its chips?

I’m honestly not sure where to start with this one. Yes, I could throw in a large amount of potato-puns, but to be honest I’m trying to pick myself up after seeing the picture associated with this story. The idea and PR stunt itself is a great one. Use apples and potatoes to charge a Nokia Lumia 930 wirelessly. That’s brilliant, surely?

Well yes, yes it is. But this “charging project”, which sits outside the Westfield shopping centre, is 20 feet wide and 8 feet high. That, I’m sure you’ll agree, is massive..

Has the Lumia 930 had its chips?

Microsoft and Carphone Warehouse are behind this and have worked with Caleb Charland, an artist and “science enthusiast” to create this artistic charging installation. They say, and I quote…

(It) amazingly, is able to wirelessly charge a brand new Lumia 930 device.

The trouble with all this, at least in my head, is that 800 apples and potatoes are needed to charge .. one phone. That’s a great PR stunt, but it’s not exactly practical is it? Just imagine the smell off this thing in a few days for a start. It’s going to whiff something rotten, and parking it on your drive is going to prove problematic too.

Anyway, there’s a video..


If you want more details or you’re looking to get one, check our earlier story or read more about this project on nokia.com