Cheap physical button for your audio hole

Cheap physical button for your audio hole
Just a few days ago we published our look at Pressy. It is, if you’ve not spotted our updates, a button which sits in your 3.5mm audio jack and lets you quickly access apps or functions on your phone.

Now, how about getting one that’s almost the same for £1 ? Interested? Head over to and you can get just that. It’s marketed as a “Universal Dustproof plug” but, as you can see from the instructions below, you can fire up a variety of apps on your phone merely by pressing your newly-added additional button.

(Click the image as it’s rather large)

Here’s a random fellow showing you the device in action…

Now yes, it’ll probably take quite a while to get here to the UK, but the shipping is free and you can then pop it into your phone and fire up your flashlight or camera easily just by tapping the thing.

It’s a quid. Go on, it’s only a quid. 😉

Oh, and if it’s flimsy and snaps off in your hole, don’t come crying to me, I just hunt these things out. I’ve ordered one though, just to check.