Are you a mobile mast NIMBY ?

I have, I’ll admit, mentioned this before. However, on my travels I’ve seen a number of mobile phone masts and have taken a pretty un-cool fascination with them. Unless I’m going mad (which is possible), they’re getting slightly smaller and, in towns especially, cleverly hidden. I know, I’ve mentioned that all before and I’m on the verge of milking this subject a little too much.


However, the monopole masts, which can be hidden easily and are sometimes mistaken or disguised as lamposts or telegraph poles, are usually situated close to buildings. Sure, I know that the traditional masts are on top of buildings, but having them at the same height as the first or second floor of a building got me thinking.

This brings me to this photo..

Are you a mobile mast NIMBY ?

This, unless I’m mistaken, is a monopole. Also, unless I’m mistaken, it radiates radio waves uniformly in all directions. The posh word is “omnidirectional” and basically means that there’s no real direction. The radiation pattern looks like a donut.

Talking about the safety of mobile phones and these masts would open up a whole can of worms. The networks and the Government will tell you that they’re safe but it won’t stop that niggling feeling and I’d definitely think twice if I went to view a house next to one of these masts. It’s like buying a home under an electrical pylon. Sure, they’re supposedly safe but people still have doubts.

Are you a mobile mast NIMBY ?

Is there any law to stop these poles being situated so close, and at the same level, as occupied buildings? Would you want to live in that apartment, just a couple of metres from an active mobile transmitter?

The mast, for the curious amongst you, is here in Bloxwich. It looks to be a Three mast. Sure, you’re going to get a ruddy brilliant signal, but do you mind having that so close? Are you a NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard)? Or is it a decent price to pay for good coverage?

I’d love to know. Put yourself in that apartment. Put your children in there and let me know in the comments.

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