Is your local mobile mast hidden ?

You may remember how I asked whether you’d spotted any hidden mobile phone masts recently and we’ve had a number of pictures. If you’ve used the Ofcom site to find your local mast then this could be what you’ve seen…

They’re not pretty. Huge, imposing towers which are, at best, a little unsightly. One picture sent in featured a mast standing right next to an office building. You can see here that the mast is pretty much the same height as the top floor. It was apparently in place before the office building was built. We’re guessing that the people inside have VERY good mobile reception..

A mast like this is obviously going to cause complaints and, when a planning application is submitted, protest groups usually appear to complain about the unsightly monsters appearing on the landscape. However, we’re seeing more and more “hidden” masts appearing. Here’s some fairly innocent flagpoles which, on closer inspection, are actually mobile transmitters..

..meanwhile, here’s a favourite cover-up method – making mobile masts look like telegraph poles. There’s more and more of these appearing on a monthly basis and, for most of the time, people believe that they are just telegraph poles..

Have a look on the Ofcom sitefinder site to see if your local mast is a big ugly metal tower that people would normally protest against or if it’s quietly hiding at the bottom of your garden, disguised as a telegraph pole.