Samba Mobile shut down

Samba Mobile shut down

In the world of MVNOs, nothing is certain.

Ovivo seemed to be going quite well, giving away airtime as long as you watched some adverts. Then a few weeks ago, boom, they were gone. While that was going on, Co-op were announcing plans to enter the arena, clearly wanting to get some of the success that GiffGaff are enjoying. Incidentally, GiffGaff have also recently announced they are going great guns.

So it’s not all doom and gloom.

Well, it is for Samba. After Ovivo bit the dust we pointed you towards Samba Mobile, they had a similar idea in that if you watch some ads they give you free data. No calls or texts. “Excellent” we thought, “Maybe they will be able to continue growing since they are keeping their offering small.”.


Samba Mobile shut down

Today they have had to close their doors after apparently trying to negotiate a new deal with their providers in a bid to stay afloat. On their site the explain that the high costs of wholesale data is the cause for the closure:

Samba is closing principally due to the high cost of wholesale data. This makes the current model of offering a meaningful value exchange of mobile broadband unsustainable. The data service will shut down with immediate effect; there is no guarantee we will be able to switch data back on unless negotiations with partners result in lower costs for Samba. Thank you all for your loyalty, feedback and recommendations to friends and family since we launched in 2012.

It’s sad to see another company go but it seems that there are still others waiting to replace them. If you are using Samba Mobile then head to their website for details of what to do next.

Samba Mobile