The Windows Phone market share roller coaster ride

Got yourself a Windows Phone? Know anyone with a Windows Phone? Yeah. There’s a problem isn’t there?

See, low-cost handsets were doing well for Microsoft and Nokia. Those Lumia 520 devices were doing well for a bit, and MicroNokia has since followed up with some Android devices which are even cheaper.

The Windows Phone market share roller coaster ride

However, Microsoft seems skidding in the mud still. Recent figures by Kantar Worldpanel show that the Windows Phone market share in the US was 5.3%. A year ago it was 5.6% and hasn’t really shifted in any positive direction since.

Here in the UK Windows Phone was doing really quite well and in August last year the market share according to Kantar was 12%, but it’s since slid to 11.3% in January this year and 10.1% in February.

Meanwhile, Moto have seen their market share leap from nothing to 6% here in the UK. The reason? The ultra-cheap and actually-quite-good Moto G.

Low-end devices can sell well and will easily push you into the public eye if the phones are good. However, Microsoft now seem to be shifting focus onto their Android-based Nokia X handsets at the low-end while Lumia devices occupy the higher end. It’s continuing struggle for Microsoft.