New Moto X due late summer?

We’ve seen the Moto X already, but after we met Lenovo at Mobile World Congress we had to ask about Motorola.

The team at Lenovo were being pretty cagey about their Motorola intentions, merely stating that there were a number of contracts and legal hurdles that needed approving first. They’re excited about the future though, and there’s already been rumours that some higher-end Moto handsets could join the existing popular low-cost handsets like the Moto G. Indeed, although the existing high-end Motorola X is still fresh in the mind, a Twitter Q&A with Moto at MWC revealed that a new version could be appearing later in the summer, which – if the pricing is as good as the existing handsets – could prove very interesting.

During the same Twitter event Motorola sought to reassure customers by stating that, “Great smartphones should be available to everyone & days of $600 phones are limited”.

All positive vibes, and with positive reviews, good feedback and a continued focus on Android it looks like Moto will continue to be a major player in the smartphone world under their new owners at Lenovo. Personally speaking, if they can work any of the Yoga Tablet or S850 design elements into future handsets I’ll be watching even more closely.