Lenovo S850 Hands on

Lenovo S850 Hands on
I’ve given the S850 a separate article as it’s totally different to the S660 and S860 we looked at earlier. In Barcelona we met up with Lenovo and, out of the three new S-range devices they’d announced, this S850 impressed me the most.

It’s perhaps the most desirable device in the range and has a very flat and polished rear. It looks fantastic in white and it’s probably thanks to all-glass exterior. It’s also available, as you can see here, in pink. Lenovo are also making use of some LED tech on the rear panel, with the Lenovo logo lighting up to signify different notifications. In recent years we’ve seen the tiny LED on phones getting smaller and less pronounced, so to have an indicator such as this making a comeback is quite refreshing.

Lenovo S850 Hands on

The specs are great too, with a 13 megapixel shooter around the back and a 5 megapixel cam up front. The S850 has a 1.3GHz quad-core CPU, a 5″ 1280×720 HD screen, 16GB of storage, 1GB RAM, 2,000mAh battery and Android 4.2.

Sadly this won’t be on sale in Western Europe but will be available in Central America, Asia and the Middle East from June.

Full hands-on gallery below..

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