Inq Mobile bites the dust

Inq Mobile bites the dust
Digging through the Coolsmartphone archives, I can see that our last mention of an Inq Mobile handset was back in 2011. It’s been more than a little quiet since then. The Inq Cloud Touch had a 5 megapixel camera and 320×480 pixel screen. It was available on Three but, pretty much a year ago, we found out that Inq were to cease producing smartphones and would focus only on producing social software such as their SO.HO social launcher we looked at last June.

Today, however, it’s all over. A message on their website reads..

Inq has done some exciting and innovative things over the past few years, but we’ll be closing our doors on 31st January 2014. Material will serve its final editions on the 28th January and, whilst SO.HO will continue to function after our closure, it will not be updated after this point.

It’s been truly exciting for us to turn Material and SO.HO from ideas we dreamed up into functioning products used by people across the globe. We’d like to thank everyone who downloaded Material and SO.HO, the people who gave us feedback, worked with us and cheered us on along the way.

Making Material and creating SO.HO has been great. Thanks for being a part of it.

Hutchinson, the parent company, look to have pulled the plug on the operation. They tell us..

Inq has been a really exciting business over the last few years and whilst there have been significant successes, the technology that’s been borne out of that work has been identified to have greater application within the wider Hutchison group. Consequently, we’ve taken the hard decision to close the Inq business down.
We want to thank all the customers and employees that have engaged with Inq’s products and experiences over the years.
Inq’s software services Material and SO.HO will be closed down at the end of January. For more information please go to