INQ Cloud Touch Just £120 On PAYG!

Carphone Warehouse have had the INQ Cloud Touch for a little while now but at a rather expensive price of around £250 on launch.  Tonight on checking their site they have lowered the price on PAYG (which also happens to be unlocked!) to just £119.99 when topping up with £15 on Three.  The sim free pricing is still on the site should you want to buy this way but for £299.99 you might as well get on Three which is the same phone and get the spare SIM included and pay less than half the price.

INQ Cloud Touch Just £120 On PAYG!


INQ are known for their low price budget phones on the Three network in the past so to see them produce an Android smartphone running 2.2 FroYo and having a 5 megapixel camera is very much welcome and at £120 on PAYG you can hardly argue that it is great value.

Link: Carphone Warehouse

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    San Fransisco….. £90…. ;-}