Medion Lifetab sells out at Aldi

Medion Lifetab sells out at Aldi
I love Aldi me. You can walk in, get some bread, milk, cheap biscuits, a lawn-mower, fishing tackle, a TV and some fence panels. Brilliant.

Not only that, but four cans of lager is £2. Come on, you can’t beat that.

Now, even though it was only ever meant to be a one-day offer, the supermarket has announced that their Medion Lifetab tablet has completely sold out. It was only £79.99 and it looks to have vanished from every single Aldi store up and down the country pretty quickly. It’s thought that many are purchasing these for children this Christmas, as parents grow tired of iPads and other top-end handsets getting filled with kids apps and covered in jam, dribble and chocolate.

The Aldi tablet had 8GB of internal memory (with a microSD card slot for more), 1GB of RAM and a dual-core CPU. If you’re looking for something similar then the Tesco Hudl is worth a gander or you can swim through the endless cheap Android tablets on eBay / Amazon etc.

Right, I’m back off to Aldi to get me some paint, a motorcycle helmet, four broom-handles and a trolley full of alcohol for Christmas. Don’t ask.