OPPO photo teaser shows shiny new phone

OPPO photo teaser shows shiny new phone

OPPO like to indulge in a bit of teasing. So, true to form the leak marketing department has released a rather tasty photo of what seems to be the rumoured R829T Android phone on the company’s Weibo page.

Aside from it looking suspiciously like a Sony Xperia Z1, there’s very little else to go on. OPPO describe the shiny look as a “holographic mirror design”.

Previous rumours have included a Snapdragon 800 powered successor to the Find 5 to be known as the Find 7, but Oppo Ambassador Kedros Ng has said that the heart of the R829T is to be a Snapdragon 600 CPU, with 2GB of RAM. The screen will be a 720p, 4.5-incher and will carry a price of around 2000 Yuan (about £200) when it’s launched in China. Prices for the rest of the world aren’t actually mentioned, causing speculation that it may never see these shores. I like to think that the glass is half full though.

The model numbering convention suggests that this will be a mid-range beefier brother to the R819, with the Find 5 giving way to the Find 7, and the N1 at the top of the tree. This is all pure speculation, and should be taken as such, but what we can say for certain is that the R829T looks like it’s going to be a stunner aesthetically, and a real bargain if it does hit the magical £199 price point.

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