HTC One max – Is the camera lacking? We don’t think so

HTC One max   Is the camera lacking? We dont think so
Yesterday we finally saw the official details for the HTC One max. A couple of items have already been pointed out, and the questions we’ve had so far are…

– Where’s Beats Audio?

Well, simply put. It ain’t there. BoomSound is, so you’re gonna get some rather potent sound when the music is coming through your speakers. The Beats technology probably won’t appear in future handsets either, as the HTC shares are now all gone. Still, you do get the very latest Android and HTC Sense versions.

– Is the camera not quite as good? What’s this about it not being as good?

Well, you’re going to lose OIS. That’s optical image stabilisation. Apart from that it’s the same ultrapixel tech as the HTC One, plus you get all the fluid HTC Zoe stuff that I’ve ranted on about in months gone by.

– What else is different?

There’s a bigger battery – 3300mAh as standard and you can ramp that up with a thin 1200mAh flexible battery / case. The microSD card will give you up to 64GB of external storage, so add that to the 16GB or 32GB inside. You get the same CPU and connectivity as the HTC One, plus the IR blaster and all that fun. However, you also get a fingerprint scanner, which will no doubt cause the HTC One max to be endlessly compared to the new iPhone over the next few days.

– Are you sure that the camera is just as good?

Well, let’s see eh? Last night Dan went down to the shore to see how the HTC One max performed in low light. Here’s some of the shots he captured on the all-new HTC One max..