The new Coolsmartphone server – The Final Countdown!

The new Coolsmartphone server   The Final Countdown!

I’d like to say a massive thank-you to everyone who’s donated so far. It’s warmed the ‘ole cockles and we’re already in the final few days of our donation drive by the looks of things.

We’re trying to buy ourselves a powerful new server which will keep the site running at the speed you expect for years to come. We’re paying up-front because it keeps the monthly running costs low, which means we can keep adverts to a minimum. We now need just over £100, then we’re done!

If you do decide to donate – even £1, you’ll get added to the pot and could win one of these…

– A pair of Skullcandy Navigator headphones

– A brand new Acer Liquid E2 (as seen above)

– The Suite of Armour Galaxy S4 and Goosewhite Qi charging pad

You lot are the reason we all write and post news of the latest smartphone happenings, so whether you donate or not, I also want to thank you for coming here every day and reading our stuff 🙂