Server donation drive – Win prizes!

Server donation drive   Win prizes!
I want to say a big thank-you to everyone who’s donated towards the cost of our new server so far. You’re all amazing, and we’ve already got £116 in donations. There’s still a long way to go though, and we need £699 for a more powerful server to keep us running for many years to come.

The prizes, which are being given away to random lucky people donating, are a brand new pair of Skullcandy Navigator headphones and a new Acer Liquid E2. There’s more details in our earlier story but I want to thank you all for your generous donations so far.

Here’s the running total, and you can donate below !

Server donation drive   Win prizes!

Thanks all!

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  • comacat

    not again

  • Phil

    For the amount of times I visit this site, you deserve a couple of quid. Don’t go spending it on sweeties mind. ;)

  • Phillip Norton

    I gave a fiver as I love this site :-)

  • Troy Dyall

    have a sky diver from me. keep up the good work chaps!