iPhone 5s Launch – The queues

iPhone 5s Launch   The queues

Depending on which side of the fence you sit, this morning was either carefully orchestrated planning or a sure sign of the iPhone success. Many waited patiently at large Apple stores up and down the country, eager to get their hands on, let’s face it, the iPhone 5s.

We’ve been reporting all morning from various locations and Dan headed into London to see both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c up-close. Meanwhile, networks here in the UK are more than a little frustrated at the uncertain stock levels and O2 went as far as not putting any in store. The company now admit that customers wanting the handset on their network could be waiting three to six weeks.

We anticipate that orders made in our stores for the 5S will be available to collect at the store in three to six weeks. The customer will receive a text when their handset is ready for collection.

This, combined with the fact that Apple on-line orders won’t arrive until October has basically meant that iPhone customers wanting the handset today have mostly ended up in queues outside Apple stores. It’d great for PR and creates great headlines.

So, while Dan was hands-on with the iPhone 5s, outside there was a lot of people waiting for their iPhone. The Covent Garden Apple store looked like this..

Of course, if you want an unlocked one quickly and don’t want to join the queues, you can always head over to eBay and pay a grand for one!

If you’ve got a shiny new iPhone today, do let us know how and where you got it, and whether you got stuck in a queue!

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  • Gary Neville

    what a bunch of planks…..

  • H

    All rather sad really. Why don’t they just update their software on their iphone 5 and save them self the bother. How’s anyone going to know. Mugs.

  • the_prof

    I really have no idea what people get out of this. Think this just goes to prove one thing – people are weird and/or very sad and/or very stupid.

  • M

    Walked straight into a THREE store about 11.00 this morning and purchased 5s on contract for £99. Where’s the problem #PRHYPE!!

  • Carlos Willis

    Goodness , its a good phone but…so overpriced! Give me a meizu mx3 or a mi3 over iphone any day….and for a 5th of the price of a iphone!