Tomorrow is iPhone Day, but O2 won’t have any 5s handsets in store

Tomorrow is iPhone Day, but O2 wont have any 5s handsets in store

So, the waiting is over and, as is usual with a new iPhone, there’ll be pictures of people waiting outside stores to pick one up. Our inbox is already filling up with eager PR companies wanting us to mention their iPhone 5s or 5c-related news. Phones 4u are going to have The Saturdays in their Oxford Street store and there’s plenty of Apple stores erecting barriers tonight


We’re getting some strange vibes. O2 have just announced via this tweet that NONE of their stores will have the iPhone 5s tomorrow. Yes, the 5c will be there for you to look at and buy, but don’t expect to see the 5s.

Update – So far Voda and EE have confirmed to me that they will have handsets in store, with EE telling us that it’ll be available in “major” stores. It’s more than a little strange that O2 won’t have the iPhone 5s in any store, especially as they were the first UK network to ever carry the iPhone.