The day Google destroyed the Microsoft announcement.. with a chocolate bar

Feet up, watching TV last night, I couldn’t help notice something. Until early evening, the tech websites, news channels and Twittersphere was awash with one thing – the fact that Microsoft had splashed £4.6 billion on the Nokia mobile business.


That’s a lot of money. A huge step. It’s turning Microsoft into a device manufacturer and gives them access to patents and mapping services. Microsoft chief exec, Steve Ballmer, called it a “big, bold step forward”.


Then something happened. Something that would probably make Ballmer throw some more chairs.

A chocolate appeared.

The day Google destroyed the Microsoft announcement.. with a chocolate bar

Google had kept it secret and told almost everyone that it would be called “Key Lime Pie”. The story behind the naming is so simple and perhaps a bit weird. John Lagerling, director of Android global partnerships, found that late-night coding sessions involved a lot of KitKat chocolates. So, they called the Nestle UK advertising agency and asked whether they’d be interested in a tie-up. Nestle took less than an hour to make the decision and boom, the deal was done.

That’s it. That’s how simple it was. Now, just hours after Microsoft have spent £4.6 billion to push their mobile efforts uphill, Google have utterly blown away any Nokia press coverage with a quick phone call to a chocolate company.

The day Google destroyed the Microsoft announcement.. with a chocolate bar

Staggering. Utterly staggering.

So, if you want some chocolatey four-finger action, grab yourself a KitKat and visit where you could win one of a thousand Google Nexus 7 tablets or one of 50,000 £5 credits for Google Play. Oh, and don’t talk to me about the KitKat made by Hersheys in the USA. That chocolate just ain’t the same. :)

* – Yes, Apple kinda took some limelight too… noted. :)

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  • David Lindsay

    thought the competion was US only

    • Eric

      in the UK as well, check out the Kit Kat UK website

      • Gears

        Yep, UK too!

  • Shoey5

    Are you @#4@ serious?
    That’s got to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever read!

  • Hassan

    really, who cares about kit kat anyways and v 4.4 specially, if they would had said v5 or even v4.5 i would had cared a bit but for v 4.4 and kit kat and you think this screwed MSFT’s nokia announcement, wow how really grande your thought process is

  • Paul

    Is it me or is that kit kat finger in the picture being snapped in half actually bigger/fatter than the usual ones, but smaller than a Chunky?

    • Gears

      :) I’m not sure, but I suddenly want chocolate :)

  • Chaz

    Strangest post I have ever read. Reeks of fanboy. Which is odd considering this place started out because of windows phones. Leigh, careful what you write.