Is this just innovation for the sake of it?

Here at Coolsmartphone we love Oppo and we love innovation. But something I’ve seen today relating to the two is a little disconcerting.

Oppo have been posting images teasing the upcoming N1 flagship device and recently they’ve been mentioning the rear input panel, today they posted this image.
Is this just innovation for the sake of it?
Whilst it might sound cool and it will be definitely be something unique for the brand. I’m left feeling a little worried, it’s going to be another of those odd things about a device that stop you buying just in case it’s awful.

Maybe it’s just me, would you see this as a good idea?

Update – They’ve posted another image.
Is this just innovation for the sake of it?
Source – Oppo Google+

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  • What’s wrong with using the front? I’d need more info about what it can do before I say it is pointless or not.

    • James Pearce

      Reinventing the wheel almost. How do you try out a phone that needs to be imported from China also. I did actually want the N1, but now I’m not so sure.

      • Yeah, not easy to get a hands on before hand so would have to be a pretty massive leap of faith.

  • weirdstuff

    Depends how big the screen is I suppose…

    • James Pearce

      It would be a nightmare on a device the size of my Note II.

  • martin clinton

    Didn’t some of the old Motorola’s have this? I had a Motorola Charm back in the day with a backtrack panel…luckily it could be disabled in the software as it didn’t work well and you kept doing things by mistake when holding the phone!

  • phil

    I think this may be an example of trying to be different, something unique, their must have selling point, a “Wow that’s a good idea, I want one” moment. They must have been scratching their heads thinking up this one. Can’t see it working for them though.

  • Martin

    So your looking at the screen and you use the hand you are holding the phone with to swipe on the back to move between screens? Just trying it on my small phone and it just doesn’t feel comfortable.
    Pointless :(

  • Gears

    What will they do about a cover? I’m imagining a big hole in the back of the case..

  • Simon

    Just tried it with my N4, seems like a good idea. I’m thinking it lets you skip through the homescreens whilst holding the phone in one hand and not having a big fat thumb blocking the screen.