OPPO visit The Googleplex and leaked photos emerge

OPPO are leaking like a teabag at the moment, and this time it’s evleaks who’ve published a photo of an unknown device with the Tweet, “Hello, OPPO” accompanying it. What could it be?
Here’s the photo:

OPPO visit The Googleplex and leaked photos emerge

It’s quite different to the current flagship, the Find 5, which is all under glass save a small piece of polycarbonate at the bottom. This phone has the capacitive keys in the rather large bezel. The front facing camera is on the opposite side and the chassis looks longer than the Find 5, but that could be an optical illusion.

Personally, I think it’s quite ugly and I’m hoping it’s not the replacement for the rather smart Find 5.

This comes off the back of a leaked 12MP camera based phone, the OPPO N1, as well as the confirmation that they’ll be making the OPPO Find 7, a 7-inch tablet.

More recently though, OPPO management took a trip to Google headquarters for a confidential meeting with the Android people in the Googleplex. Being up for a bit of a tease they took a photo of the Android sculptures and posted it on their Google Plus page with the caption, “Taken with an unreleased device”. What could it have been?

OPPO visit The Googleplex and leaked photos emerge

Well, it seems that amongst the hubbub of people randomly predicting they were there to negotiate making the next Nexus phone or tablet there were a few people who are in the know, but probably under an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

You see, if you take a minute to scroll through the comments you’ll find a couple of CyanogenMod devs giving each other a public nod and wink, saying, “We both know what this phone is, right? :)”, and fellow blogger Artem Russakovskii stating categorically, “It’s not a Nexus, and it’s not a Find 7”.

Assuming they’re not playing games, how do these guys know something Coolsmartphone don’t? I have a theory…

OPPO attended the recent XDA DevCon 2013, at which they were actively encouraging third party ROM development for their devices. Sadly none of us could make it, but there has been talk of OPPO showing off more than just their source code. Could this all be tied together with the evleaks photo?

Seems reasonable to me, but then I’ve got a good imagination! How about you?

Source 1 – @evleaks
Source 2 – Google+

After some squirrelling about, James has found that XDA Developer Adam Outler has actually done a tear down video after being leant one of these devices at XDA DevCon. He’s said that he has to keep it under wraps until 20th August when his NDA expires. He also says that it has a good camera at a low price.

Looks like this could either be a new budget OPPO or maybe even the aforementioned N1. More as we get it.