Blackberry about to be sold?

Blackberry about to be sold?

Are we about to see the sale of Blackberry?

The company formally known as Research In Motion has had a bit of a tough few years, with people leaving the platform in droves and the launch of the company’s saviour – BB10 – yet to set the world alight. In fact Blackberry now has less marketshare than Windows Phone, and the company have suffered heavy losses that don’t look like turning around soon.

So today the Blackberry board announced they were forming a committee to explore “strategic options for the business” and even more significantly, suspended trading in stock of the company.

The suspending of stock was voluntary, and done at the same time as the announcement, which is normally what happens when a sale is imminent. Now a sale could have many forms of course – Blackberry could just be taking itself into private ownership with a healthy injection of cash to lick its wounds and regroup without shareholder pressure. Then again it could also mean they have thrown in the towel, and another tech company is about to buy them.

The rest of the week will be key, and we could see announcement that early if there is an offer on the table.

We’ll be keeping our eyes on this.

SourceBBC News


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  • boonesimpson

    While I don’t like BB, It would be cool for Google to buy them for their IP.
    Converting blackberry enterprise to a google product would help corps still clinging to BB to smoothly transition to android. Given that android device manager is out, the rudiments for robust corp asset handling is in place, as is profile support (personal/work profiles)

  • weirdstuff

    Microsoft buy them? They’ve certainly got deep enough pockets and although their share of the market has been growing it’s still piddly compared to the big G or Apple.

    • boonesimpson

      the MS angle in interesting, I was always puzzled at how BB did a better job of enterprise/outlook integration that Microsoft themselves.

  • Shock horror – I predicted this 3 years ago when they moved IP, service and hardware in to different entities…. Any of the big three could make a play but I would expect MS to be the end result so they can get back in to the corp’ world again.