Cases – I’m starting to change my mind

Sometimes I try to hide it, but quickly people realise that I have a bit of a “thing” about phones and, invariably, I get asked lots of questions.

“What phone should I have next? Is this one any good?”

This. This I get asked a lot. Once I saw how impressed an iPhone-loving colleague was with the Samsung Galaxy S4. He asked my advice…

“Should I switch?”

I stuck my neck out. I said yes. He used his new Galaxy S4 for 6 months, but in the end went back to an iPhone. He doesn’t speak to me much any more.
Usually I stick to simple bits of logic. If you bought yourself a Samsung Galaxy S3 and loved it, you’re going to love the S4. If you bought an iPhone 4 then you’re going to love the iPhone 5. So, when someone else showed me their lovingly-kept HTC Desire and asked what to upgrade to, I instantly told them to look at the HTC One. It is, without doubt, a fantastic handset and I pointed to our hands-on demo video of the phone as a reference point.

Luckily he loved the new phone and, just as he did with the classic HTC Desire, he wanted to keep it in good condition. The cover he bought for it has really impressed me. Some people love those “flappy ones” and some people like understated ones. This one, however, was designed by HTC themselves .. and it shows. It’s cheap, well made and – most important of all – doesn’t spoil the look of the phone. In fact, this one (at least in my opinion) actually adds a little something to the design. I love the red section at the top. There’s more HTC One cases available on the same site, but I’m definitely a big fan of cases that don’t spoil the look of a phone.

Here’s the case I’m mumbling about..

Cases   Im starting to change my mind

With phones costing many hundreds of pounds, we’ve all resigned ourselves to simply having to protect our handsets, but I’d love to hear what cases you’ve chosen and why. Are you one of those care-free cover-free dudes or a super-industrial case fan? Personally I’ve never used covers, and my endless insurance claims are a direct result of that, but after seeing more cool and better designed covers, I’m starting to change my mind.

Oh and yes, I think I’ve already made my choice ;)

Cases   Im starting to change my mind

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  • Rooster

    I got a Griffin case for my new iphone 5 – it broke within 5 months (and I misplaced the receipt!). It had a clear back and a rubber bumper, but they fell out and got divorced.

    Reviewing the condition of the handset after the case had been on, I saw more damage to the rear panel from bits getting trapped between the back protector than I could have ever done without a case but being careful where I place the phone.

    I am now a ‘naked’ iphone 5 users, enjoying its feel as nature intended. It looks better, it feels better, like it was meant to feel in the hand. I am loving the ‘danger’ factor and wont be going back to a case…..lets see how long it lasts! :)

  • One thing with a case is it doesnt matter what your phone looks like as you cant see it. Personally I like the s-line cases on Ebay – cheap and do the job nice as well as looking ok. The best bit was my S2 looked upto date with it on and had it not been for that dam eprom I’d still be using it.

  • en_croute

    It always fascinates the that manufacturers (Apple in particular, but recently HTC & Samsung) lord the design of their handsets, and with Apple, explain the beautiful design is part of the allure – and even as an Anti-Apple clique, I admit it’s been really well designed. Then we go and wrap the £500 design block in £2 of rubber and plastic.

    With my HTCs (Vario III, Touch Pro2, HD2) I used to use a clear wrap around InvisibleShield – and it worked really well, adding grip and protection.

    With My Samsung S3 I have used the official flip cover – as it adds virtually nothing to the bulk or weight, so it can sit in the same pocket(s) as the bare phone, with good, (but not perfect) protection.

    However, manufacturers are not off the hook – I note the cup-out version of the S4 flip cover does NOT allow camera access when folded over – a serious design flaw – different project teams? – poor communication? Say what you like, that would not have occurred at Apple.

  • Diggle44

    I’m looking for a clear gel case for my s4 so I can have the protection without spoiling the look of the phone. Can’t find a truly clear one anywhere, they all seem to have a frosted appearance! Anyone found a totally clear one anywhere???