Get yourself a free PlayBook when you order the Q10

Get yourself a free PlayBook when you order the Q10The lovely people at Phones 4u have promised us a villa in the Caribbean* if we mention the fact that their BlackBerry Q10 offer includes a free 64GB PlayBook tablet to the first 300 customers who decide to pre-order the Q10 through them.

It’s available in black or white and you can either buy it out-right for £549.95 SIM-free or £36 per month on contract.

The phone, like the BlackBerry Z10, has a new Hub and totally refreshed OS. The Q10 includes a physical keyboard though along with a fully touch-able screen. BBM is included, as it BlackBerry Balance – a system which lets you switch between a personal and professional profile to keep your work and home life separate.

* – No, not really..

Do you fancy an HTC First but without all of the Facebook gubbins?
BlackBerry R10 appears in leaked image
  • Darren bird

    Over 500 quid SIM free?????….your kidding me….that puts it in HTC ONE territory and S4….wow shocker of a cost

    • Anonymous

      I was going to say exactly the same! It just doesn’t look like a £500+ device, does it? I think this could be the Achilles heal with this device – its form factor isn’t indicative of the value BB are putting on it.

      Given the cost, I’d certainly go for an HTC One, a Galaxy S4, or even an iPhone over this thing. Oh, maybe even the normal BB10! If this was £250 offline, I could understand it a little more.

  • weirdstuff

    Totally agree, seems Blackberry have been ‘hoist by one’s own petard’ in relation to the look of their most successful devices. The qwerty-keyboard armed blackberry are so ubiquitous to the hands of business-people from the late 90’s-1st 10 years of the noughties that they do now carry a certain degree of ‘hand-me-down, poorer quality work devices’ about them. Shame as I’m sure this device ‘feels’ premium in the hand but fact of the matter is that people do buy with their eyes and it just doesn’t look like £500 of phone…

  • en_croute

    SIM Free option not seemingly available at Phones4U, with or without a Playbook.

    During chat with Online Sales rep, they discredited all the tech press for this innacurate reporting and said “this is not on our own site so im (sic) afraid we cannot be held responsible for this”.