Latest US market share figures released

Latest US market share figures released

The latest Operating system figures for the US have been released by Kantar.

Unlike the Android figures posted earlier today there are some real surprises for the latest quarter.

Operating System

3 months to Feb 12

3 months to Feb 13

Change +/-

 iOS  47%  43.5%  -3.5%
 Android  45.4%  51.2%  +5.8%
 RIM / Blackberry  3.6%  0.7%  -2.9%
Windows Phone  2.7%  4.1%  +1.4%
Symbian  0.5%  0.1%  -0.4%
Other  0.8%  0.4%  -0.4%

There are the usual fluctuations with iOS and Android but the real surprise is the falls and gains between Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Despite the launch of their new OS and the Z10 at the end of January, Blackberry still managed to lose another 2.9% of the market  whilst the Windows Phone traction continued with a gain of 1.4%

The road back for both Windows Phone and Blackberry is a long one and the launch of both the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 along with the probability of a new iPhone will only compound the issue.

The Windows Phone offering of handsets continues to grow and with the announcement of the new Nokia handsets at MWC this trend is sure to carry on.

Blackberry have the upcoming launch of the Q10 with which to launch a fightback and attempt to regain market share but it could well be too late for the troubled company that now occupies less than 1% of the US market.

Can you see a way back for Blackberry?  Are Microsoft on the right path with Windows Phone?  Let us know in the comments below.