Google post their latest figures for platform versions

Google post their latest figures for platform versions

It is that time of the month again where Google publish some statistics about how woeful the Android upgrade process is. This month is no exception, bar for the increase in the Jelly Bean figures there isn’t much different from last month. As usual the numbers don’t quite add up, they actually total 100.1% I guess that is a rounding up issue somewhere.





1.6 Donut 4 0.1%
2.1 Eclair 7 1.7%
2.2 Froyo 8 4.0%
2.3 –
Gingerbread 9 0.1%
2.3.3 –
10 39.7%
3.2 Honeycomb 13 0.2%
4.0.3 –
Ice Cream Sandwich 15 29.3%
4.1.x Jelly Bean 16 23.0%
4.2.x 17 2.0%

Google have took the data from a 14 day period. Ending yesterday.

Data collected during a 14-day period ending on April 2, 2013.Any versions with less than 0.1% distribution are not shown

Although this month Google have arrived at the totals in a different way, via the Play Store.

Note: Beginning in April, 2013, these charts are now built using data collected from each device when the user visits the Google Play Store. Previously, the data was collected when the device simply checked-in to Google servers. We believe the new data more accurately reflects those users who are most engaged in the Android and Google Play ecosystem.

The amount of devices still running Gingerbread is worrying though, how many of these people think Android is rubbish and are planning to move to another platform? Oh well, if Google had stood up to the networks all of those years ago we would be in a much better position now as regards upgrades.

If you want some more statistics head over to the Android Developer site here.