Birthday present from Three

Recently… well on 3/3/13, the UK network Three celebrated their 10th birthday as the all 3G network opened it’s doors for business on 3/3/03 in a select few locations with some rather large NEC phones and a plan to sell content such as ringtones and video clips.

Here we are 10 years later and Three are supplying 40% of all mobile data with some really impressive plans such as The One Plan, plus have some really large data offerings giving as much as 15GB a month.

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Well today a little parcel arrived from the company…. OK when I say little I mean a HUUUGE box!

Birthday present from Three Birthday present from Three Birthday present from Three

So on arriving home from work this evening it was time to open it up and see what was inside…..

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Birthday present from Three

Big thank you to the team at Three for all your help and support over these years, we hope you enjoy the work we have done such as the AYCE Data Challenge plus the Euro Pass review as well as countless device reviews you have been kind enough to loan us.

Here is to another 10 years of #KeepOnInternetting

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  • Anonymous

    I remember 10 years ago excitedly waiting outside a phone shop (just after the 3 launch) for the first UK 3G handsets. When I finally got my hands on it, I realised that you couldn’t get on the bloody internet with it! I didn’t even take it out of the shop… Got my £20 deposit back too!

    Thankfully they seem to have come a long way since then, and appear to be offering some of the only reasonable plans of any phone company here in the UK. I’m still a bit scared of using them given that it took me almost 3 months to cancel my last contract with them.

  • Paul

    Be honest. Admit you we’re at least a tiny bit disappointed it was only a balloon :)

  • remember it well…..that ‘walled garden’ stayed for years……I’m now going back to 3 for the HTC One and the £36 all in plan….