The AYCE EuroPass Challenge

If you have listened to our latest podcast (if not why not?.. it’s free!) you would have heard my latest news around my upcoming holiday and what my plans will be for internet use.

If you did not hear then I will give some more information right now so you don’t miss out!.

In line with the new Ofcom regulations all networks had to lower data charges by 1st July this year and Three came out with an unbelivable offer of charging £5 for a day but giving AYCE (All-you-can-eat) data when traveling within the EU, the only condition being you cannot use for tethering.

The AYCE EuroPass Challenge

So on the 1st August I am jetting off for a 4 day trip to sunny Madrid in Spain, and then straight after going to Austria to meet a good friend of mine Michael Hell who I first met at a Nokia event about 5-6 years ago.  I am a Three customer so will be putting AYCE EuroPass through the test and using a handset to use google maps, instagram, twitter, facebook and all those other handy apps that need a data connection whilst not having to worry about the price any more.

And thanks to the team at Three, they have also supplied me with a Samsung Galaxy SIII to use for all my content.

Check back during the next two weeks for updates live from my trips within the EU and see how the EuroPass from Three works out for my internet plans.