AYCE Data Challenge… Part 2!

Those of you who follow the site might remember back in February/March we tested the new All You Can Eat data offering from Three UK and managed to run up a very impressive 45GB of use within a single billing month.  Three used this a lot and stores are even linking to this we have heard.

Well it turnes out some people STILL did not believe us and said……

From reading that, 3 new who he was and what he was doing so of course they are not going to cut him off or have words with him or reduce his speeds

and also

The bit in the article where you thank them for their support and allowing you to use their twitter and blog to cover it certainly reads as if Three knew. If you were using a handset they gave you, they wouldn’t need your SIM or number to know who you were

AYCE Data Challenge... Part 2!

So I took out a BRAND NEW 1 month One Plan sim, did not give ANYONE the number, and more important did not tell ANYONE I was doing the test again.  Add to that I used all my own devices so no loans from Three, no way for them to tell me apart from any other customer as the original account was cancelled a while back.

As you can see above I managed to use nearly 44GB one again and the total cost of this?… £0.00.

There can really be no doubting now, AYCE is AYCE!

Link: Three.co.uk