Coolsmartphone BB10 Roundup

Coolsmartphone BB10 Roundup

We’ll be updating this post with our latest posts on the BlackBerry 10 launch earlier today. So far, we have published:

More to follow.

Google extend Activesync Exchange support until July 31st
EE post Z10 hands on
  • HTC One SV GPS

    Wow! This is it, BlackBerry in now making a great comeback and now 100% ready to take against iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and HTC.

  • Martin

    BB10 certainly does look an impressive OS, the Z10 could cause BB some major problems, if Apple sued Samsung due to their phones looking like the original iPhone then BB are goona be seeing a lot of court time ( rounded corners anyone?). This is the iPhone 5s twin brother (obvs the iPhone 5 is the evil one ;) ) I like it and good luck to them. I’m tempted by the Nexus 4, but now I’m also tempted by W8 and now BB10. Having an Android tablet I don’t *need* to keep my Android phone, This year is looking interesting in the mobile space, I can see W8 and BB10 both taking share off Apple and Android. Bring it on.