Developers partner with BlackBerry for BB10 launch [Updated]

Developers partner with BlackBerry for BB10 launch [Updated]

Also announced by BlackBerry today was big brand partners for the BlackBerry World launch on BB10. Along with the tens of thousands of applications submitted over the past two Port-a-thon weekends, Rovio Mobile, 2DBoy (creators of World of Goo) and Facebook are amongst the big names to have brought their apps to the platform at launch.

We’ve got it on good authority that Angry Birds Star Wars, The Guardian, Facebook, World of Goo and The Economist will all be present on the World when devices start making their way into consumers hands. Pricing of some of the games is meant to be rather expensive, with World of Goo clocking up at £5.

It’s also just been announced that WhatsApp will be coming to BB10, despite a statement to the contrary from the developers behind it. Also present at launch will be Skype.

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Update: RIM is no longer RIM, just plain ol’ BlackBerry. We’ve updated this article as a result.